Refund Policy

About The order in us is delivered by Yu-Pack.
I do it to be shortest as possible, and to send it, but, as for the order of after 8:00 a.m. of Friday, there are shipment and the case that it is on Tuesday in the next week. I ask so that it can be understood.

About ■Please inform it of returning goods beforehand by all means.
 I inform a maker and import former supplier of a correspondence method after confirmation.
 Business hours: Please contact me within from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

■Without waiting for the communication from us; when is sent back,
 Because you demand the postage, please be careful.
■Please return goods in a state same as (at the time of delivery of goods) at the time of a notice.

■I accept the following cases, the new article of the same product and exchange, free correspondence.
・Initial defectiveness within ten days after the arrival to the product
・When a wrong product is delivered
 (our store bears the postage:) Only as for courier service cash on delivery of black cat Yamato,
  Because cannot receive the cash on delivery of the other companies mover, please be careful;)

■Because they cannot accept it at all, the following cases approve returned goods, the exchange beforehand.
・Returned goods, exchange by visitor circumstances
・When, after sending it, I let you damage in you
・Defectiveness that it is over 10th after the arrival to the product

※The product beyond the period bad during a maker term of a guarantee in the early days of our store our store
 When you cope, please bear coming and going of the postage;).

※Because you become only an initial delinquent, approve the guarantee in case of the outlet product beforehand.
※Because it costs the postage separately, please inform it of the large product on this occasion.

※When the postage suffers by poor correspondence that it is over an initial period for defectiveness or returned goods, exchange
In the postage list mentioned above come to support it.

※Because, as for the product handling in our store, import goods become important,
Approve the wounds of the cabinet without the influence in the contents.
I choose the box without a box without the damage, the tear as much as possible and send it, but,
When the damage of the cabinet is terrible, the damage by shocks transporting is thought about. In that case, I tell a delivery supplier and am nerdy.

※When, by system error and an artificial mistake, the publication contents of the product have an error,
Because I cancel an order, I would like it to be able to understand it beforehand.

Refund Policy


By purchasing a product with us we take for granted that you do agree and accept the following statements.


In the case of product initial defectiveness, we will be able to replace the product or send it to the maker to be repaired if the customer pays all the delivery fees involved (Customer country-Japan- customer country). This service is valid just 6 months after purchase, proved the customer used the product as described in the user manual (often just available in Japanese). The product must contain all the original labels, accesories, and packing.In the case of the product cannot be repaired or is out of production, we will reimburse a proportional fee once we receive the defective product from the customer.
The shipping fees covered by the customer will not be reimbursed.
Reimbursement can be made just by PayPal.
The product should be shipped to the following address: Cherrybell Japan Co. 2-8-24 Nishifukuma Fukutsu-shi Fukuoka 811-3219

How to calculate the approximate shipping fee

Search in any web or search engine for the phrase: “Japan EMS check rates and delivery days"
Check the search result link. The correct one should display a window of JP Post with headers “International Mail” and “Check rates and delivery days"
In the option box: 1. Choose the type of article you are sending. Choose the option “parcel (package)”
In the option box “2. Specify the weight of article you are sending (in grams)” write the weight of your package. If you are buying more that 1 article try to figure out the total weigh of your purchase (this is an estimate as it still has to be packed)
In the option box “3. Choose prefecture you are sending the article from” choose Fukuoka
In the option box “4. Choose country or region of destination” choose your own country.
Click on the “Next” icon under the option boxes
A new window will appear showing the EMS rate and number of days, also other delivery methods available for your country will appear. You can use this information for contacting us and requesting an specific delivery method. Be aware that sometimes not all the displayed methods are available.

Return & Delivery Policies for International Packages

Cherrybell does not accept cancellations, exchanges or refunds for the following reasons: customer change of mind, individual reasons, incorrect products ordered and delayed delivery. We will not accept responsibility to refund your payment for a defective product unless one of the products in your order is forgotten or incorrectly put into your parcel by us.

Hot weather policy

Please be aware of high temperature in Japan during summer (May~August), even if your order arrives in 2~3 days by EMS to your country please be aware that your order may be shipped and/or stored in placed that will exceed 40 centigrade degrees if you are buying a product that could be affected by hot temperature we recommend to delay to purchase until the weather cools. Our shop can take no responsibility and no guarantee your product will not be affected by high temperature during its transportation, therefore we do not accept refund requests, cancellations, exchanges or refunds due to hot weather damage.

Customs & duties

We assume that the purchaser has understood the import laws applicable in his/her country before any order is placed. Cherrybell does not take responsibility for bearing any additional import duty charged by the customs’ office to our customers or possible import restrictions. Therefore we are not responsible for products shipped that are held at or confiscated by customs in your destination country. We recommend you to contact your customs’ office for checking prohibited items in advance to avoid the risk of your product being confiscated or delayed by your local customs’ office.